Watch the new YAML driven, APT based ece-install in action

Written by Torstein Krause Johansen updated: Thursday April 27 2017 14:05

Use the Escenic installer, ece-install, to install and configure a full Escenic stack consisting of a database, application server, memory cache, standalone Solr with 2 cores, search indexer, a caching server as well as creating a publication - all in just a few minutes.

If you run ece-install on Debian or Ubuntu, it'll use APT to install all the Escenic components and if you run it on RedHat or CentOS it'll use RPM.

Configure which server components you want to install by editing ece-install's YAML configuration file.

As an added bonus, you can now get the latest updates to the Escenic components just as you would with ssh or apache2. On APT based distros, a mere apt-get upgrade will be enough to get the latest maintenance releases of anything from Escenic Content Engine to the Escenic Video plugin.

Happy upgrades!